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Children's Books

Tthe following copyrighted manuscripts for children's picture-story books are available for publication. Please contact me if you are interested in either publishing one or more of these stories, or in representing me as an agent.

Summary of Stories: a paragraph synopsis and short exerpt of the following stories.

Eve's Oak: after swallowing an acorn, a young girl dreams the life and rebirth of an oak tree.

The Baby's Smile: the irresistible smile of a baby brings war -- and peace -- to rival kingdoms.

The Cathedral: a boy discovers an ancient secret, and faces the destruction of one beloved cathedral to save another (Note: the illustrations are my concept sketche, and some of them need to be rescanned -- sorry about the upside downers! -- If you are or know of an illustrator who would like to do real illustrations for this project, please email me at

Giants: two "giants" help a workaholic Dad rediscover the joy of playing with his children.

Little Fox Crosses the River: Lizzie learns there is more than "one and only way" to reach the distant shore.

Touch the River: a poetic trip along the hydrologic cycle.