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I've been writing professionally since 1978, when I drafted news releases and speeches as a staff member for a United States Senator. After my first child was born in 1980, I had published a regular stream of Letters to the Editor to local papers on subjects concerning my children's future, especially peace and ecology. As the kids grew older, I began making up stories to tell them. Six of these stories have evolved into full manuscripts for 32-page children's picture-story books. In 1998, I began writing a bi-weekly column for my hometown newspaper, the Petaluma Argus-Courier. Since then, the Argus has published nearly 200 of these columns, which address "building sustainable community, worldwide."

Bi-Weekly Columns in the Petaluma Argus Courier: A complete collection of all of my Argus columns, organized by date, indexed by subject

Children's Picture-Story Book Manuscripts: The copyrighted text (and for some, draft illustrations).

coming soon... Song Lyrics: words to songs that I've written, either original or re-worded standards (Wierd Al style)

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